CanAge's National Seniors' Policy Platform: 

VOICES of Canada's Seniors

CanAge is Canada’s independent nonprofit seniors’ advocacy organization.


CanAge educates, empowers and mobilizes people on the issues that matter most to older Canadians and their families. We believe every older Canadian deserves a vibrant, connected, and meaningful life with equitable access to the resources they need to thrive.


As a pan-Canadian organization, CanAge knows that older Canadians are diverse in their experience, perspectives, passions, and contexts. As a group, Canadian seniors will represent 23% of the population by 2030. Politically active, Canadian seniors are consistently the most active voter block at the polls, with approximately 72% of seniors indicating that they vote in every election and nearly 80% voting in the last 2 federal elections.



Yet older Canadians are often marginalized because of their age. This is particularly true of those who live in long-term care residences, as we have witnessed during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  Through our public policy work, CanAge has identified six critical areas that require urgent action to improve the lives of older people across our nation.


We are pleased to present VOICES, our National Seniors’ Policy Platform. 

V - Victim Support and Abuse Prevention

O - Optimal Health and Wellness

I - Infection Prevention and Disaster Response

C - Caregiving, Long-Term Care, Home Care, and Housing Resources

E - Economic Security

S - Social Inclusion



Under each letter, we outline current issues that are negatively impacting older people across Canada. We then propose practical measures, addressing each issue, with an aim to improve the lives of older Canadians now and in the future.
 It’s time to listen. It’s time to amplify. It’s time to act on the VOICES of Canada’s seniors.

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