Laura Tamblynn Watts

Laura Tamblyn Watts, CanAge, CEO

Welcome! I am thrilled that our team has launched the 

CanAge Connections newsletter. We at CanAge are excited to share what we have achieved for Canadians.

Thank you,

The CanAge Team

CanAge Connections

Issue #08 - March 2021

CanAge Connections February 2021 issue

Issue #07 - February 2021

January Newsletter 2021

Issue #06 - January 2021

December newsletter 2020

Issue #05 - December 2020

November newsletter 2020

Issue #04 - November 2020

October newsletter 2020

Issue #03- October 2020

September newsletter 2020

Issue #02- September 2020

August newsletter 2020

Issue #01- August 2020

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