Issue #22: Long-Term Care National Quality Standards

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Issue #22: Long-Term Care National Quality Standards

Canada has no National Quality Standards or national licensing standards for long-term care, which has led to substandard conditions in many homes across the country. National Quality Standards are needed to ensure that seniors get the dignified care they need and deserve, regardless of the ownership of the long-term care home or the postal code where they live.

Recommendation #73: F/P/T Working Group with Long-term Care Stakeholders

  • Establish a Federal/Provincial/Territorial Long-term Care Working Group, which includes both seniors and caregiver organizations, to study and make recommendations for the positive transformation of long-term care in Canada.

Recommendation #74: Fund a Feasibility Study of Adopting and Adapting the Australian Long-term Care Regulator Model for Canada

  • In contrast to Canada’s performance during COVID-19, Australia has experienced relatively few deaths of seniors in long-term care. Fund a feasibility study focussing on how Canada might adopt and adapt the Australian model of Long-Term Care regulation. This Australian model includes a national arms-length regulator that oversees licensing, quality standards, and has the ability to suspend licenses and issue fines. This model works in a federated nation and can be created in such a way where it would not offend the division of powers.

Recommendation #75: Federal Funding of Long-term Care

  • Designate specific federal fund transfers to the provinces and territories for long-term care, attached to the new National Quality Standards and requirements. Federal funding should flow to the provinces and territories to support long-term care homes premised on them implementing the National Quality Standards.
  • Federal funding is allotted to long-term care under a separate agreement similar to the Canada Health Act.

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