Issue #7: Dementia and Cognitive Impairment

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Issue #7: Dementia and Cognitive Impairment

With the profound increase of dementia and cognitive impairment in our aging population, systemic and individual supports must be embedded not just within the Canadian healthcare system, but also within communities and families.

Recommendation #19: Capacity Assessments

Make mental capacity assessments timely, equitable and affordable. Integrate mental capacity assessments into health and social services to cover the cost of medically needed capacity assessments.

Recommendation #20: Dementia-Friendly Systems

Increase focus and prioritization of the development of dementia-friendly healthcare, communities, and systems supports. Prioritize timely diagnosis, response and treatment of dementia.

Recommendation #21: Dementia Education

Invest in education and resources to support front-line healthcare workers learning about and managing dementia.

Recommendation #22: Destigmatize Dementia

Create a public awareness campaign to destigmatize dementia. Stigma is one of the most profound barriers to early detection and treatment, as well as economic security and social inclusion of those living with dementia. Work with persons living with dementia, families, caregivers, communities and medical professionals to ensure both a multi-pronged and targeted approach to the campaign.

In that campaign, underscore that discrimination based on a dementia diagnosis is a violation of human rights and contrary to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, to which Canada is signatory.

Recommendation #23: Adult Day Programs

Invest in more day and social programs for persons living with dementia, including for non-Alzheimer’s forms of cognitive impairment and early-onset dementia.

Recommendation #24: Innovation to Support Diagnosing and Living with Dementia

Prioritize investment and innovation in technology and digital supports to aid persons living with dementia in living full, engaged, and vibrant lives.

Recommendation #25: Implementation of National Dementia Strategy

Implement the newly adopted National Dementia Strategy and ensure adequate investment to operationalize the strategy. Encourage research and innovation in the search for a cure and for effective treatments.

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