CNPEA launches new Roadmap for elder abuse prevention

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Our partner CNPEA (Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse) has launched ‘Future Us: Roadmap to Elder Abuse Prevention‘, a landmark strategy to uphold the rights of seniors in our country.

Future Us is a pan-Canadian engagement strategy that examines where we are now and where we need to go. It provides clear goals and recommendations at the individual, community and government levels to help us build an integrated approach for elder abuse prevention in communities across Canada.  

There are committed citizens across the country who are working to create safer, more supportive communities for people of all ages. Future Us is a tool to harness and mobilize that collective energy for change, tapping into existing networks to engage local elected politicians and the broader public to achieve common goals.  
CNPEA led its development and is uniquely positioned to serve as the backbone organization, connecting all networks across the country and leading groundbreaking work. We are looking for champions in all sectors and at all levels of government to support our collective vision.

The Roadmap outlines 3 major goals

  • Prioritize prevention of elder abuse and neglect in every community to recognize the pervasiveness of the problem, with action and meaningful engagement that builds relationships at the community level.
  • Establish and support elder abuse prevention networks at local, regional, and national levels. Networks provide the critical infrastructure for information sharing, knowledge mobilization, research, and ongoing engagement across sectors and communities.
  • Teach everyone to recognize warning signs of abuse and neglect, how to respond safely and effectively and where to refer in the community to find help.

The Future Us Roadmap will be the foundation of our upcoming World Elder Abuse Awareness Day campaign. Sign up for updates.


Canada’s National Seniors’ Advocacy Organization

Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work
University of Toronto

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