New study explores experiences of older workers with early onset dementia

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A groundbreaking new study by research group [email protected] (affiliated with Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON)  is exploring how employers are affected by workers who are diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and early onset dementia while they are still working. 

As more people continue working past retirement, and with the serious stigma facing people experiencing cognitive decline (in addition to the all-too-common threat of ageism), this work stands to make a real difference for Canada’s aging workforce.

While the goal of many employers is to create sustainable and inclusive workplaces for all, CogAtWork hopes to gain a better appreciation of the challenges that employers face in achieving this goal and helpful insight into how their research might help. They are also interested to learn about the experiences of workers who have mild cognitive impairment or early onset dementia and are currently working or have recently transitioned out of work.  

Participate in the Study

If you are an employer or employee with experience in this area, or know others who are, email Dr. AnneMarie Levy.


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