Seniors’ Transportation Survey

We’re conducting a survey to learn about your experiences with transportation, including barriers and challenges you may face when accessing these services. You’ll also have the opportunity to share your ideas about how communities in Canada can do more to keep you moving!

CNPEA launches new Roadmap for elder abuse prevention

Our partner CNPEA (Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse) has launched ‘Future Us: Roadmap to Elder Abuse Prevention‘, a landmark strategy to uphold the rights of seniors in our country. Future Us is a pan-Canadian engagement strategy that examines where we are now and where we need to go. It provides clear goals and recommendations at […]

U of Alberta conducting study on seniors’ use of cannabis

The University of Alberta is conducting a study to understand seniors’ experience with using cannabis for health reasons. The research team is looking for: Older Canadians (60+) who use cannabis medicinally or are considering using it, and Professionals who advise older persons on medicinal cannabis (this could include retailers, healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses […]

New study aims to understand how people with arthritis use cannabis

The Arthritis Society is collaborating with the University of Michigan, McGill University and the U.S Arthritis Foundation on a medical cannabis research study. The purpose of the study is to understand if and how individuals with arthritis use medical cannabis products. The results will help inform health care professionals, researchers, policy-makers, and patients about potential […]

Public invited to review new national long-term care standards

HSO (Health Standards Organization) is inviting members of the general public to review its newly drafted National Long-Term Care Services Standard. A report capturing the findings of the public survey to inform the standard has also been published. The survey received more than 16,000 responses. We encourage you to review these new standards and make […]

New survey aims to improve supports for older people with care needs

A new survey commissioned by the European Union is seeking to understand how people view care for older people with support needs and how they assess long-term care systems, more generally. How do people want those close to them or themselves to be looked after, should they need it? What are their experiences with receiving […]

New study explores experience of healthcare workers during the pandemic

A new study out of the University of Manitoba seeks to explore the psychological effects felt by frontline healthcare providers caring for dying patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you, or someone you know, has lived relevant lived experience and wish to contribute to this important research, we encourage you to get more information on […]

CanAge study on intergenerational connection shows significant results

CanAge, in collaboration with InterGen Studio™, launched a survey in June 2021 to collect input from olderadults, youth and other stakeholders about their experiences with social isolation, their relationships withothers of varying ages and their interest in participating in intergenerational activities. ‘Intergenerational’ means ‘interactions involving different generations of people, such as older adults, adult children […]

CanAge contributes to groundbreaking research on inclusion of people living with dementia

CanAge is collaborating with a team of leading researchers to explore ethical and legal frameworks and practices for the inclusion and consent of people living with dementia in important research. Overview of the research This study explores the ethical and legal frameworks and practices involved in the inclusion and consent of people living with dementia […]

Help more Canadians get protected against shingles

A new study is seeking to understand what is preventing Canadians from getting vaccinated against shingles with Shingrix, which provides the best possible protection. Shingles can cause serious health outcomes including brain damage, hearing loss and balance problems. We’ve been hearing that many adults are being left vulnerable to this debilitating disease because they only received […]

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