10 Fast Facts About Vaccines

Senior lifting up shirt sleeve after getting a vaccine

Immunization is by far the most effective way to keep people healthy while reducing burden on our healthcare system. In fact, vaccines have saved more lives worldwide than any other medical intervention in history. It is estimated that vaccinations save up to three million lives around the world each year.  While everyone knows about the […]

International Money Transfers: 5 things to know

Senior man using phone to do online banking

The terrible situation in Ukraine right now has many Canadians wondering how to best send money to loved ones overseas. There are a few things you should know when sending funds to ensure your money gets to the right person at the right time.  According to Statistics Canada, international money transfers have increased steadily since […]

Quebec budget signals renewed commitment to seniors care, but continues to neglect vaccination

The Government of Quebec has released its 2022-23 budget, announcing several key investments for seniors in areas including care and financial support. While a commitment to building affordable housing was included, the allocated $100 million falls far short of what is needed to put a roof over the heads of all older residents currently facing […]

Saskatchewan budget makes promising moves for seniors

The Government of Saskatchewan has released its 2022-23 budget, entitled ‘Back on Track’. The budget makes several promising investments to support the health, finances and well-being of older adults, including expanding funding for the high-dose flu shot for seniors–a key recommendation in CanAge’s recent report on adult vaccination in Canada. “Seniors are well represented in […]

New Brunswick budget includes key investments for seniors

The Government of New Brunswick has revealed its 2022-23 budget, entitled ‘Building on Success’. Despite massive deficit forecasts earlier, the province is showing a $408 million surplus in 2020-21 and is projecting a $487.8 million surplus. The budget includes several promising investments for older adults along the care continuum, including health care, community care and […]

CNPEA launches new Roadmap for elder abuse prevention

Our partner CNPEA (Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse) has launched ‘Future Us: Roadmap to Elder Abuse Prevention‘, a landmark strategy to uphold the rights of seniors in our country. Future Us is a pan-Canadian engagement strategy that examines where we are now and where we need to go. It provides clear goals and recommendations at […]

Ontario MPP introduces Bill to combat social isolation

Conservative MPP Lindsey Park introduced a Bill yesterday in the legislature pushing the Ontario government to prioritize addressing social isolation and loneliness–an issue that has become a crisis alongside the pandemic. Bill 104, Connected Communities Act, 2022 requires the Government of Ontario to maintain a strategy that aims to reduce instances of loneliness and social […]

CanAge signs letter in support of senior living with dementia barred from long-term care

On March 22, CanAge co-signed a letter written to ON Health Minister Christine Elliott in support of Krishan Kukreja, a 96-year-old man with dementia who is nearing end-of-life but is unable to access a long-term care bed because he does not have an OHIP number. Mr. Kukreja’s case is tragic and unacceptable but, unfortunately, not […]

Senior Financial Wellness Day (ON)

Senior financial wellness day

March 24, 20224:00 – 5:30 PM ET Hosted by: Heritage Skills Development Centre Join this informative session to learn about tax considerations for older Ontarians. A guest speaker from Open Policy Ontario, Mr. John Stapleton, will discuss and share insight about the topic focusing on what information seniors need to know before filing their tax return. […]

Banks now required to send electronic alerts to customers

Starting June 30th, your bank will be sending you alerts via email, text or mobile app to notify you of important activity in your accounts. These alerts are part of the new and enhanced protections in Canada’s Financial Consumer Protection Framework, and are designed to better protect consumers’ finances and empower people to manage their money […]

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