Vaccine Report 2022


The world has changed drastically. Why aren’t adult vaccination efforts keeping pace?

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Two years ago, no one could have predicted we’d be facing a global health crisis the likes of which hasn’t been witnessed in nearly a century. 

When we released the first edition of this report card in Winter 2021 it was to create, for the first time, a clear and easily comparable snapshot of adult vaccinations in Canada–provincial and territorial governments needed to see a clear picture of the problems plaguing adult vaccination in Canada, and they needed to see it now. 

Adult Canadians are under-vaccinated against preventable diseases like seasonal influenza, shingles and pneumonia (all of which can cause life-threatening and longstanding outcomes). 

The writing is on the wall: improve the way we immunize older Canadians or they will continue to pay with their lives.

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Vaccinations Map of Canada

Report Highlights

This year’s findings paint a dismal picture. Despite improvements in some jurisdictions, older Canadians continue to be at-risk of being infected with vaccine-preventable illnesses. The national average score of D- hasn’t changed since the 2020-2021 report, indicating a disappointing suspension of progress in protecting seniors. 

  1. The average overall grade across provinces and territories was D-, unchanged from last year’s inaugural report.
  2. The highest performing provinces/territories were Prince Edward Island and Ontario.
  3. The lowest performing provinces/territories were Newfoundland, Nunavut and Quebec.
  4. The most improved province/territory is Yukon.
  5. The Yukon Territory, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island are the only provinces to fund the recommended shingles vaccine.

Provincial and Territorial Scores

NOTE: The scorecard for Quebec is also available in French

The first edition of this report (2021-22) is available to download here.

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